miércoles, 29 de diciembre de 2010

"The Blind Man"

There is a blind man that even though he lost his sight has kept looking at the stars. Every sunset he sits in the square and waits for the first star to appear in the dark sky, then, he waits a little bit longer until the rest of the stars take their places in the firmament.
- I cannot see them, you know - he says while a smile starts to draw across his face. - But I can feel they are out there; and in their reflection I can feel the rest of the world... -
As he stops speaking, sadness takes control of his expression, his lower lip trembles and a couple of tears roll down his cheek.
The blind man feels the stars and in their reflections he feels everything that he has lost, things so deep, so important, they make the loss of his eyes seem secondary.
He knows that staying close to the things he loves will make him hold on until he can get them back once again.
- Feelings make us believe. - he says.
- But sometimes even they can deceive us. We need both feelings and the will to believe in their truth ... or not. -

(The Yellow Book)

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